About Us
We are a CE Professional Design-Build Installation Firm

An integrated system is characterized by combining elements from different sub-systems to function together as one. Mastering both high and low voltage systems gives us a broader range of capabilities making Alpine Custom Electronics your complete source for total systems integration, custom electronics and much more.

We offer a unique combination of complete CE Professional services including, structured wiring, smart automation, energy management and monitoring systems, audio-visual systems, lighting and window shade controls, security cameras, pool/spa controls, and more.

Our goal is to simplify and create an outstanding experience that allows you to easily enjoy your living environment to the fullest, for many years to come. Our services are varied and offer something for everyone.

We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building a new home or renovating an existing one. We have assembled the rare combination of Systems Designers, Project Managers, Programmers, and Certified Installers that can provide creative designs, systems integration and give you master control of your home from anywhere.

Alpine Custom Electronics is the solution to a home designed for the lifestyles of today and prepared for the lifestyles of tomorrow. Expect the best, call us today!